When Your Heart is in the Highlands: 

10 things to fall in love with on Rothiemurchus, a place of unique natural beauty near Aviemore in the Cairngorms

  1. 1. Loch an Eilein

What hasn’t already been said about this most romantic of Highland lochs? From the mountain backdrops that frame it, to the mysterious castle on the lonely island, and the endless variety of views as you take a walk around its perimeter, it’s a loch to love – whatever the season.

Loch an Eilein - one of the most romantic lochs in Scotland

Loch an Eilein – the most romantic of Highland lochs

  1. 2. Our red squirrels

We could have chosen any of our native Rothiemurchus wildlife, but there’s something so endearing about these little characters, who love nothing better than chasing each other round and round the tree trunks. They are an iconic species as well as a protected one – Rothiemurchus just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Red Squirrel in the snow - Neil McIntyre

Red Squirrel in the snow at Rothiemurchus. ®Photograph by Neil McIntyre

  1. 3. Our Cullen Skink

Fish soup may not sound like the most romantic of dishes – but once you’ve tasted the incredible version of this Scottish Highlands classic recipe at the Druie, nothing else will ever quite do. But the question remains – what makes the perfect match made in heaven? Bread or scone? 

Cullen Skink - a favourite at the Druie

Our Cullen Skink – served in the Druie

    1. 4. Our Land Rovers

    What is it about the sturdy Land Rover Defender that evokes such devotion?

Land Rover Tours at Rothiemurchus

Land Rover Tours at Rothiemurchus

  1. There may be smoother, faster rides out there – but goodness are they adored by our visitors! But naturally ours have an edge…and that’s the number 5 on our list:
    1. 5. The superstars who drive them! 
    2. Whether taking you to see the Hairy Coos, to Feed the Deer, or on a Discover Rothiemurchus by Land Rover tour, our Rangers will ensure that your trip is fascinating as well as enormous fun.
One of our Countryside Rangers

One of our legends – Countryside Ranger, Alph

  1. 6. Our trees

Our trees are so well-loved that one of their number even became our badge in the 1980s. From the slender silver birch to the majestic “Granny Pines’, together with juniper, bracken and heather, they make up the quintessential Rothiemurchus scene. A moment of quiet and stillness amongst the trees cheers the soul, clears the mind and lifts the spirits. We recommend you try it!


An iconic Rothiemuchus landscape

  1. 7. Our beef

We’re confident that once you taste our delicious matured Highland beef, you’ll become quite besotted. It’s easy to understand why it has such a following: our Highland cattle that have lived a healthy and stress-free life amongst the hills and woods, with not even a day spent indoors during their lifetime. Delicious, locally reared, and conveniently available at the Farm Shop  – what’s not to love?

Our Beef - reared on Rothiemurchus

Rothiemurchus Beef – available in The Farm Shop

  1. 8. Our honey 

The ultimate in ultra-local produce, the heather honey we sell comes from the bees who make Rothiemurchus their home, and the bell heather their dinner of choice. High in anti-oxidants and with an unmistakable taste of the Highland hills, this stuff does you good as well as tastes spectacular. 

Rothiemurchus Honey

Rothiemurchus Honey – available in the Farm Shop

  1. 9. The Highlands

Rothiemurchus is often described as a quintessential slice of the Highlands – mountains, forest, lochs – all in one accessible place. To see as much of it as possible in one trip, we recommend you take one of our unique Quad Treks around the working estate. For a really special experience, book a Quad Trek in the snow – an exhilarating, magical ride!

Quad Bike Trek at Rothiemurchus near Aviemore

Quad Trek at Rothiemurchus.
Photograph – ® David Lintern & HIE

  1. 10. Each other

Whether engaging in a bit of healthy competition at the clay-shooting range or enjoying time together at one of our dreamy self-catering retreats, time spent at Rothiemurchus somehow always brings you closer to your loved ones…

Plan your visit – and discover why generations of visitors have fallen in love with Rothiemurchus