Our new TMR feeder at the Farm

By Grant Mackenzie, Farmer, Rothiemurchus Farm

Here at Rothiemurchus Farm we are always looking at ways to improve our practices and continue to work alongside our delicate environment. Recently we introduced a TMR (total mixed ration) feeding system to our cattle which means I now have complete control of the inputs to the feed, and I can ensure the animals get exactly what they need so they remain in top health and condition.

The animals are fed on our stubbles (harvested spring barley ground) and other designated areas with access to our native woodland grounds where they are completely out wintered all season. This means they do not come into a housing situation at all.

By feeding the cattle on stubbles and other designated areas they are also doing a job for me and the environment. Use of specially designed TMR feed troughs gives me the ability to move the feeding area regularly, thus creating an even spread of the animals’ manure. By implementing this we are providing the nutrients and natural P&K back to the soils, improving the structures in the ground that are released during cultivation stage in early spring.

In addition to having better control over ensuring the animals get the nutrients they need and soil regeneration, using the TMR feeding system means that we need less people power for feeding the animals, and so the Farm team have more time to focus on other essential work around the Farm.