Rothiemurchus Falconry Display, near Aviemore

We’ve just added another feather to our cap of attractions! The Rothiemurchus Falconry Centre is introducing an awe-inspiring new activity that is set to captivate visitors of all ages. Get ready to be spellbound by the Rothiemurchus Falconry Display, where the ancient art of falconry meets modern-day excitement. In this blog post, we will delve into the enchanting world of falconry, explore the highlights of the Rothiemurchus Falconry Display, and provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit.

Rothiemurchus Falconry Display

The Art of Falconry:

For centuries, falconry has been practiced as a regal and noble pursuit, showcasing the incredible bond between humans and birds of prey. This time-honored tradition involves training birds, such as falcons, hawks, and eagles, to hunt and return to their handlers. With its origins dating back to ancient times, falconry has evolved into a captivating sport that mesmerizes audiences with the grace, agility, and speed of these majestic birds.

Rothiemurchus Falconry

The Rothiemurchus Falconry Display:

The Rothiemurchus Falconry Display promises an unforgettable experience that combines education, entertainment, and a deep appreciation for nature. Hosted at the dedicated Rothiemurchus Falconry Centre, this display provides an up-close and personal encounter with a variety of birds of prey, accompanied by knowledgeable falconers Jonny and Daisy, who share their passion and expertise.

Rothiemuchus Falconry

During the display, visitors can witness the breathtaking sight of these birds soaring through the air with astonishing precision. Marvel at the sheer power and grace of these birds of prey as they perform impressive aerial acrobatics, or be amazed by the majestic flight of hawks and eagles.

Falconry Aviemore

Not only is the Rothiemurchus Falconry Display a visual spectacle, but it is also a learning experience. As you observe the demonstrations, Jonny and Daisy will provide fascinating insights into the birds’ behavior and their natural habitats. Learn about the different species, their characteristics, you will really get to see and know the personality of these birds.

Rothiemurchus Falconry, Aviemore

Planning Your Visit:

To experience the wonder of the Rothiemurchus Falconry Display, head to the Rothiemurchus, near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park. The display takes place at the Rothiemurchus Falconry Centre, pre-booking this activity is essential. You can do this on our website.

Aviemore Falconry

Remember to dress appropriately for the outdoors, as the display takes place in a natural setting. Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing are recommended to ensure you can fully enjoy the experience. The falconry display is suitable for all ages.

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