High Fire Risk at Rothiemurchus - No Fires

High Fire Risk Across Rothiemurchus and the Cairngorms National Park
We need your help!

High Fire Risk

Rothiemurchus and the whole of the Cairngorms National Park are facing an extremely high fire risk due to a prolonged spell of dry weather. The consequences of a wildfire can be devastating, endangering wildlife, destroying habitats, homes, businesses, and posing risks to all who cherish this special place.

Rothiemurchus Rangers

Our dedicated Rothiemurchus Rangers are doing their best to prevent wildfire. We have patrols going out every evening looking for any signs of fire. Plus, we’re chatting with visitors like you to raise awareness about how easily fires can start from things like disposable barbecues or discarded cigarettes. We’re here to guide you and make sure everyone is aware of the risks in these conditions.
Any fires discovered take many hours to ensure they are safe, including dowsing with water, digging out any fire which has penetrated the peat underground and returning several times in the following hours and days to ensure that the fire has been properly extinguished. Eight fires that could have resulted in a wildfire have been extinguished in 2023 so far.

We Need Your Help

We can’t stress this enough: we need your assistance. We’re asking all visitors to Rothiemurchus to be our extra eyes and noses! If you spot any signs of fire or see or smell smoke, we urge you to report it immediately to the Fire service by calling 999, then we would be really grateful if you call our Ranger team on 07887 648675.

Responsible Actions

While we rely on your vigilance we also rely on preventative measures to reduce fire risks.

Remember the following guidelines:

1. No fires: Do not light fires including campfires or barbecues.
2. Dispose responsibly: If you smoke, ensure that cigarette butts are fully extinguished and properly discarded in designated receptacles.
3. Be careful when disposing of glass items – reflective items like glass can be a fire hazard when placed in direct sunlight.

Let’s continue working together to ensure the preservation of Rothiemurchus for generations to come.

Thank you.

Rothiemurchus – loved by generations, cared for by you.