Rothiemurchus Estate, Gleann Eanaich peatland restoration project site 2, 2024



An area of degraded peatland in the west of Gleann Eanaich is undergoing restoration work, funded by a grant from CNPA Peatland ACTION and Rothiemurchus. Low ground-pressure excavators will be used to create bunds and reprofile haggs to slow water flow and protect the peatland from erosive forces, helping to prevent carbon loss and support the growth of peat-forming vegetation. The project is managed by Bidwells and physical peatland restoration works are being conducted by Owen Environmental.This follows the successful completion of peatland restoration on site 1 in an area to the north of Loch Eanaich in 2022.

The peatland is eroding. It has lost much of its vegetation and sections of the peat that used to lie here. Carbon is being lost from the site as more peat is lost. This means the site is emitting greenhouse gases. The aim is to reshape the peat and vegetation that is still present so that we stop the loss of peat and therefore carbon.

Work is planned to start on the week of the 25th March 2024 and progress for approximately 15 weeks.

These stumps are being studied by St Andrew’s University. They have already been able to date the stumps to around 8000 – 6000 years ago. They are currently also looking at what pollen is stored in the peat to help understand more about the forest that grew here before the climate changed and the trees died off. No stumps will be removed from the site as part of the peatland restoration. Stumps buried in the peat where a bund is needed to be made or the hag edge is to be reshaped, will be removed to allow a watertight seal to be made. Stumps can be re-used as a sediment trap or wind shield as part of the efforts to stop the loss of peat and carbon from the site.

Please do not approach the machines, the area is a Construction site under CDM regs (2015) and as such could be dangerous.

Contact: Fern White (Bidwells) 07570 313537 or Thomas Plant (CNPA) 07929 72677