Smoked Trout Open Sandwich

This week is British Sandwich Week and we are celebrating with a Scandi inspired open-face sandwich featuring Rothiemurchus own hot smoked trout.


Rainbow Trout

Smoked Trout from Rothiemurchus Farm Shop, near AviemoreThe open sandwich is a Scandinavian staple, called smørrebrød in Danish and smörgås in Swedish. It is traditionally served on whole grain rye bread with a variety of toppings, including smoked trout. In this recipe, the earthiness of roast beetroot pairs well with the lightly smoked trout and the watercress brings a peppery zing.

During the Spring and Summer months, the Fishery at Rothiemurchus supplies the Farm Shop with rainbow trout. As well as fresh trout, the shop also sells hot smoked trout which is prepared and smoked on site by farm shop manager Janet. The fish is smoked with the skin on which gives it a lovely, delicate flavour. As the trout is smoked whole you will need to remove the skin and bones yourself at home, this is very easy to do and our friendly farm shop staff will be happy to give you some tips.

This is a very simple and quick to prepare recipe that aims to bring together flavours that compliment the fish and do not overpower it.



One whole smoked trout
One beetroot
Creme Fraiche
Good quality fresh bread
A squeeze of lemon


Begin by roasting the beetroot and then leave to cool, if you can’t find fresh beetroot to roast or you are short on time then you can use the vacuum packed variety.
In a food processor place about two-thirds of a pot of creme fraiche, two teaspoons of horseradish, the beetroot and a handful of dill, removing the biggest stalks. Blitz them until you have a smooth sauce, then add a good squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.

Next, remove the skin from the fish and carefully flake all the fish into a bowl ensuring that you remove all the bones as you go.

Slice the bread, pile on a good handful of the watercress, followed by the flaked trout and finally the beetroot creme fraiche, top with a sprig of dill for decoration.

To make this into a larger meal you could swap the bread for potatoes or if you want to turn it into canapes for a party then why not use good quality Scottish oatcakes for the base?