Highland Cattle

“Born and bred here with Rothiemurchus running through their veins”– Grant Mackenzie Rothiemurchus farmer

When you buy your Highland beef from Rothiemurchus Farm Shop, you’re getting so much more than a high quality cut of meat. The unique, traditional complex taste of tender Rothiemurchus Highland beef, from our own pure-bred pedigree fold of Highland cattle represents many generations of Rothiemurchus farming heritage and history, seasons spent by our Highland cattle foraging for all sorts of flavours in the clean and fresh Cairngorms air, and hundreds of years of breeding, husbandry and butchery experience.

The taste and quality of this beef is second to none for two simple reasons – the unique environment in which these animals live and thrive and the husbandry and care. You can taste the difference – animals that are well looked from birth to fork after taste better. These are no intensively-reared cattle, but small, hardy animals who mature slowly and are perfectly at home in these hills and forests. Their signature thick, shaggy coats mean that they can withstand conditions that other cattle simply couldn’t bear – meaning that they live their entire lives outside – including giving birth in the open air

Our Highland cattle live healthy and happy, stress-free lives – which is reflected in the quality and taste of the meat. That wonderfully thick coat means that they retain their body heat in cold weather and so have no need to store excess fat, resulting in a lean, well-marbled meat. Which is great news for you, as it translates into tenderness, succulence and a distinctive Highland beef flavour. In fact, studies show that Highland beef is about 38% lower in fat than other beef breeds. It’s also 4% lower in cholesterol, higher in protein and higher in iron*.

The beef is hung to dry age in the traditional way for a minimum of 21 days, depending on the weather and time of year and then carefully prepared on-site for the estate Farm Shop by our expert butcher Brian Dey. From there all cuts are ready to be collected or posted out, overseen by manager Janet. Between them, Brian and Janet can create any bespoke cut or joint of beef you need in the weight you require.

During busier periods, it’s best to order specific cuts – over the phone or in-person – to ensure your preference will be available. If you are at all unsure of what you might need – or need some inspiration or advice, don’t be afraid to ask.

Drop in to the Farm Shop today to order – and why not take a look at the wide selection of wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany your meal. Alternatively, call us on 01479 812345

*More information on the nutritional value of Highland Beef can be found here.