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Rothiemurchus beef comes from our own Highland cattle, expertly butchered on site by our butchers Brian Dey and Fraser Sharp.  Our delicious lean Venison comes from our own herd of red deer. Food miles can be as low as half a mile, from forest or field to shop.

Rothiemurchus Master Butcher, Brian Dey

Homemade pork and beef sausages, homemade haggis, black pudding and bacon as well as chicken and lamb

Why is Highland Beef so good?

All cattle breeds have their own distinctive taste; we and many chefs including James Martin think that Highland beef is the most superior in complexity of flavour.

Rothiemurchus Highland Beef

  •  Pure-bred heritage meat: The bloodlines in our pure-bred Rothiemurchus fold go directly back to 1941 when the breed was introduced here with only four cattle, including Marsailli I of Rothiemurchus. 14 bloodlines are now traced back to that first fold of four.
  •  Small-scale farming: Our farmer knows each and every animal from birth. Only around 30 Rothiemurchus cattle go through our butchery every year, none older than 30 months.
  •  Healthy, happy, Highlands: Our cattle live their entire lives year-round in the open air, roaming a unique hill and forest environment in which they thrive. Living such natural, stress-free lives is proven to have tangible effects on the quality and taste of their meat.
  •  Naturally reared: Rothiemurchus’s rough and varied forage means our cows can produce big volumes of milk for their calves, helping them grow big and strong quickly – yet naturally.
  •  Their special diet: A winter diet is specially prepared and stored for our fold over the summer months by our very dedicated cattle farmer – a mixture of homegrown silage, hay, haylage, barley and straw in bales.
  •  Traditionally hung: for between 4-6 weeks, a slow maturing which gives our beef its optimum tenderness, very fine marbling and flavour.
  •  Expertly butchered and prepared on-site: by our highly experienced butcher Brian Dey – our Highland beef comes to you with an almost negligible number of food miles.
  •  Tender, succulent, flavourful: Pure Highland beef is c.38% lower in fat, 4% lower in cholesterol, higher in protein and higher in iron than other beef breeds or cross-breeds. This is a lean, well-marbled meat full of tenderness, succulence and a distinctive Highland beef flavour.

Our meat is available via mail order, download the order form here and email your order back to us – as all our beef comes from our own farm, sometimes particular cuts are not available.  However we will always do our best to either provide a delicious alternative or order the cut to be delivered when it becomes available.

If you can’t decide, why not try one of our meat boxes? Our beef is also made into delicious oven-ready meals as well as our easy to follow meal kits.

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